The Little Brother To Major Film Production Companies

Alexander Hoggard

Director/ Creative Producer/ Founder

Alexander Hoggard is a Southern California film director and creative producer who's ambition led to the creation and founding of BIG LITTLE BROTHER.


His unique interests in wide symmetrical framing, array of color palettes with contrasting & complimentary tones have always had an echoing influence over the multitude of mediums he's worked with.  Recent work from Alexander includes produced and having directed the Narrative horror/ thriller short "Anomaly X" which made it's debut at HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival in 2018, along with a limited release at Women In Horror Film Festival, New Jersey Horror Con, and Universal Studios Hollywood.  Additional work includes creating Social Content for brands such as Prada, Park MGM Hotels, BioFreeze, Dear John Denim, Another Love Clothing, and more. 


Alexander's work crosses a variety of platforms such as commercials, music videos and fashion films, to narrative films of drama, thriller, and horror.

He was recently interviewed by online magazine Voyage LA, you can read the full

article HERE

Having not only 8 years experience both in the creative realm and producing side of things, he also holds two college degrees at the University level centering in and around Cinema and Television Arts.  Furthermore, he has had the opportunity of working with the following film production company's and agencies: Caviar, MJZ, Partizan, Vice, Anonymous Content, Virtue, and Funny Or Die.  


Currently, Alexander is transitioning his directing career from solely branded content to more feature film/ narrative driven work.  His latest campaign has been producing/ directing Season 2 of the Amazon Prime Original Series 'Human Project', in collaboration with the Non-Profit Project CHELA.  The primary goal of this series is to educate the masses about the negative and harmful effects of social media and technology. 



Big Little Brother is an affordably-aimed film and digital content production company residing in Southern California.  While targeting low to micro budget client-creatives, our values and standards set the bar high while delivering high quality, innovative work.  

Film has the power to change the lives around us, why not use it.


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